About Pori

Here is some basic information about Finland and Pori.



Finnish and Swedish are the two official languages in Finland. Also the Sami language used by the indigenous populations of Finland has an official status. Russian, Estonian and English are the most commonly spoken foreign languages in Finland.


Climate and temperature

The Climate in Finland is influenced by the Gulf Stream. The annual changes in temperature are of crucial importance for Finland’s climate. In May, the temparature can vary from +5°C to +16°C during the day.



Most restaurants in the city centre are open daily. Lunch is served mainly from 11 am to 2 pm. There’s Restaurant Skene and Cafe Agora at SAMK campus that serves wide selection of food and beverages.


Public transportation

The campus is located by the route of inside City Traffic, which leaves from Satakunta Central Hospital and goes through the Travelling Centre and the market place to Puuvilla shopping centre. The ticket costs 1e. Timetables of City Traffic in Pori.



As a rule, service is included in bills at restaurants and cafes. However, nobody will object to being tipped.


Money needs

The euro is the official currency of Finland. You can also pay for your purchases without problem by card. Banks in Pori are open from 10 am to 4 pm. Some banks have limited times for cash services.



Pori is the 10th largest city in Finland by population of about 85 000. Pori is the capital of Satakunta region located by the Kokemäenmäki River and the sea.