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Harri Ketamo’s opening presentation “Illusion of Intelligence” at Fake Intelligence Summit 2019



V.S.Subrahmanian – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: keynote speech at Fake Intelligene Summit 2019



Taneli Tikka – Vake for Fake Intelligence




HARK Side of Deep Learning – From Grad Student Descent to Automated Machine Learning

by Oguzhan Gencoglu, Mark Van Gils, Esin Guldovan, Chamin Morikawa, Mehmet Süzen, Mathias Gruber, Jussi Leinonen and Heikki Huttunen. 

AI-based Facial Recognition in Emotional Recognitions

by Amir Dirin, Jyrki Suomala and Ari Alamäki.

Using Google Cloud AI/ML API’s With News Media Websites

by Bruno Amaro Almeida.

Digital Amnesia and Personal Dependency in Smart Devices: A Challenge for AI

by Amir Dirin, Ari Alamäki and Jyrki Suomala.

Privacy Concern, Data Quality and Trustworthiness of AI-Analytics

by Ari Alamäki, Marko Mäki and R. M. Chandima Ratnayake.