AI Bubbles

Members of the Fake Intelligence scientific committee have recognized nine AI bubbles and stated them Fake Intelligence. These nine bubbles will be published one by one on this page, stay tuned.


Bubble no. 1: Everything can be solved with Deep Learning?

George Orwell introduces a concept of doublethink in his novel nineteen eighty-four. Doublethink means that person accepts two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct without any mental conflict or contradiction, i.e. without cognitive dissonance.

Deep Learning has brought a paradigm shift into AI programming. It has changed the way we see AI nowadays. Definitely one of the most important solution around AI.

Our doublethink around Deep Learning is that any intelligent operation can be done with it. No other thought allowed, or you are not a true member of AI society.

At the same time we know for sure (based on e.g. science) that human thinking is way more complex. We also know, that so far only relatively trivial cases are successfully implemented with Deep Learning. And still, as AI society, we doublethink that everything can be solved with Deep Learning.

PhD Harri Ketamo, Headai, Chairman Of The Board, Founder


Bubble no. 2: Every software is AI software

Artificial intelligence, data analytics and big data rose to public awareness some three years ago. As an immediate consequence, a huge number of software, IoT and robotics companies changed their marketing vocabulary. Now they are all AI experts in their business area.

Their web page once advertised their ERP software to support business growth. Now their artificial intelligence solutions optimally secure and guide the business growth. Likewise, they once used statistical methods to explore data, but nowadays they exploit data analytics to reveal hidden patterns. My very good friend Harri Ketamo (bubble 1), the major stakeholder of a real AI company, has portrayed the situation enjoyably: “If one has more rows in Excel than can be seen on the display, it is big data today”.

PhD Cimmo Nurmi, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Vice President
CI Computational Intelligence, Chairman Of The Board, Founder


Bubble no. 3: Optimization is now easy

For over 10 years ago me and my friend started to optimize. Only scientists knew how to. The ordinary man didn’t even recognize that it could be done.

Today everybody knows how to. Even those who doesn’t know they are in the business. They even seem to be the best ones in it. Almost.

PhD Jari Kyngäs, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Principal Lecturer


Bubble no. 4: Ai makes suspicious decisions!

We are afraid of artificial intelligence making non-perfect decisions. We are not worried who trains the AI and with what data. In fact we are not worried at all if we are fooled by beliefs told by other people, not even in the case when all the facts are against the belief.

AI is not figuring out anything on its own, it behaves based on algorithm and data. Both are people made decisions.

PhD Harri Ketamo, Headai, Chairman Of The Board, Founder